Irvine City Council Appoints a Number of New Commissioners


HandshakeWith the start of a new term for three members of the Irvine City Council, the Council approved a number of appointees to Irvine commisions and committee’s on Jan 10, 2023. The appointments were made by Mayor Farrah Khan and council members Larry Agran and Kathleen Treseder as the three were sworn in for their terms in December, respectively.

Members of city commissions and committees are political appointees serving at the pleasure of the council member that appointed them. They can be removed for any reason, at any time. The list below is subject to change.

New Appointments

Agran appointed Irvine resident Don Geller to the finance commission, and one seat remains to be filled by Treseder. The Finance Commission advises the city council on city expenditures and funding of local activities and programs. 

Commissioner (2022) Appointed By Commissioner (2023) Appointed By
Ajay Mohan Tammy Kim No Change
Shareen Young Mike Carroll No Change
Dale Cheema Farrah Khan No Change
Lauren Johnson-Norris Larry Agran Don Geller Larry Agran
John Park Anthony Kuo Vacant Kathleen Treseder

Treseder appointed 2022 Mayoral candidate Branda Lin to the Planning Commission, which advises the council on the Irvine Master Plan and approves applications for land development. 

Commissioner (2022) Appointed By Commissioner (2023) Appointed By
Jong Limb Tammy Kim No Change
Jeff Pierson Mike Carroll No Change
Stephen Huang Farrah Khan No Change
Mary Ann Gaido Larry Agran No Change
Christine Knowland Anthony Kuo Branda Lin Kathleen Treseder

Mayor Khan appointed Irvine resident Robert Ruiz for the Transportation Commission, while Agran nominated UCI physics Professor Kev Abazajian. Treseder appointed IVC Urban Planning student Youssef Kaddeche to the commission. 

Commissioner (2022) Appointed By Commissioner (2023) Appointed By
Ken Montgomery Tammy Kim No Change
Sidney Wu Mike Carroll No Change
Scott Hansen Farrah Khan Robert Ruiz Farrah Khan
Marty Reiner Larry Agran Kevork Abazajian Larry Agran
Shilpa Patel Anthony Kuo Youssef Kaddeche Kathleen Treseder

One seat remains to be filled by Treseder on the Community Services Commission, which advises the council on Irvine recreational resources and cultural services.

Commissioner (2022) Appointed By Commissioner (2023) Appointed By
Naz Hamid Tammy Kim No Change
Kevin Trussell Mike Carroll No Change
Soha Vazirnia Farrah Khan No Change
Jing Sun Larry Agran No Change
Dick Owens Anthony Kuo Kelly Rodgers Kathleen Treseder

For the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Committee created in 2021, Treseder appointed UCI management Ph.D. student Taryn Williams. The committee focuses on city hate crimes, ensuring diversity in hiring practices, and advancing Irvine’s diversity campaign through DEI spotlight events.

Commissioner (2022) Appointed By Commissioner (2023) Appointed By
Yulan Chung Tammy Kim No Change
Mike Chen Mike Carroll No Change
Amil Aaron Farrah Khan No Change
Noha Nour Larry Agran No Change
Mary Anne Foo At Large No Change
Betty Martinez Franco At Large No Change
VACANT Taryn Williams Kathleen Treseder

Two appointments were made to the city’s largest committee, the Green Ribbon Environmental Committee (GREC). Treseder appointed Ayn Crucian, a policy manager at the Climate Action Campaign. Mary Ann Gaido was appointed to GREC as a planning commission representative. Mayor Khan and Councilmember Treseder also serve on the Green Ribbon Environmental Committee.

Commissioner (2022) Appointed By Commissioner (2023) Appointed By
Steven Allison Tammy Kim No Change
Rajat Khurana Mike Carroll No Change
Senait Forthsal Farrah Khan No Change
Kevork Abazajian Larry Agran No Change
William Von Blasingame Anthony Kuo Ayn Craciun  Kathleen Treseder
Farrah Khan Appointed by Council No Change
Tammy Kim Appointed by Council No Change
Kathleen Treseder At Large Vacant
Oladele Ogunseitan At Large No Change
Christina Knowland Planning Commission Appointee Mary Ann Gaido Planning Commission

Appointee Alternate

Matthew Chang Student at Large No Change
Katherine Chang Student at Large No Change

These Irvine commissions and committees meet periodically and are open to public participation and public comments. To participate, or to find more information click HERE HERE 

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