Irvine Company and Fivepoint Seek Approval For More Homes Tonight

Irvine Company Seeking 520 Additional Homes Near Asphalt Plant

Tonight, the Planning Commission will decide the fate of the Irvine Company’s request to build luxury homes in a gated community near the All American Asphalt plant. To recap, on October 21st, the Planning Commission voted 3-2 to postpone the decision. That decision will be made tonight.

Have they come up with a plan to address the emissions from All American Asphalt?

Will the plant be relocated?

How will the Commissioners vote?

The staff report and attachments can be found here.  To recap what happened at the October 21, 2021, Planning Commission meet, read here.



Fivepoint Requests 58-Market Rate Condos and a 1,665 sq. ft. Accessory Retail Building

Also on the agenda is Fivepoint’s request for development of 58 market-rate condominium units and a 1,665 square foot accessory retail building. The staff report and attachments can be found here.

For information on the Planning Commission meeting, for agendas, minutes, and information on how to participate click here.

If you would like to reach out to any of the Planning Commissioners, you can email them here:

Mary Ann Gaido, appointed by Larry Agran – [email protected]
Steve Huang, appointed by Farrah Khan – [email protected]
Christine Knowland, appointed by Anthony Kuo – [email protected]
Jong Limb, appointed by Tammy Kim – [email protected]
Jeff Pierson, appointed by Michael Carroll – [email protected]