Irvine is Looking to Improve Mobility, Congestion Relief and Various Options for Transit. Transportation Commission to Weigh In and So Should You!

One of the greatest concerns expressed by residents in Irvine are the growing congestion issues. The Transportation Commission is meeting tomorrow, April 20, 2021 at 5:30PM to review and discuss the comprehensive 2021-23 Transportation Budget Review. The electronic agenda packet is available on the City website.

The Mobility Capital Improvement Program is looking to improve the following intersections and areas of our city:

To see the details of each of the projects listed above, see Attachment 3 or scroll through the pdf image below.



Here are how the city seeks to achieve its traffic goals at the section level: 

The meeting objective is to “provide input regarding the Proposed Fiscal Years 2021-23 Transportation Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program for mobility projects.” If you have a question or comment regarding any of the projects listed above, click here for information on how to submit a comment.

* As the e-Comment feature for tomorrow’s Transportation Commission is not available on the city’s website, please email public comments to [email protected]