Irvine Sports Committee Seeks Modification of Outdoor Sports COVID-19 Guidelines and More Shade Structures On The Way

The Community Services Commission (CSC) will be holding their first meeting since the swearing-in of the new City Council today, Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 5:30pm.

The newly-appointed Community Services Commissioners are:

  • Kevin Trussell (Appointed by Councilmember Carroll)
  • Dick Owens (Appointed by Councilmember Kuo)
  • Naz Hamid (Appointed by Vice Mayor Kim)
  • Jing Sun (Appointed by Councilmember Agran)
  • Soha Vazirnia (Appointed by Mayor Khan)

In addition to selecting a Chair and Vice Chair, the Commission will decide on a request by the Irvine Sports Committee seeking to modify the COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor sports activities. The Commission is also being asked to approve a design modification adding shade structures at Deanna Manning Stadium and Bill Barber Community Park. Additional information can be found on the Community Services Commission agenda.

Agenda Item 5 – Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports 

According to a memo submitted to the CSC, the Irvine Sports Committee is requesting the Community Services Commission to recommend to the Irvine City Council and/or work with the County and the State to modify the following outdoor sports guidelines:

  • Clarify that a “cohort” = one team. Members of a team will only practice and participate with/against each other.
  • Eliminate the six-foot physical distancing rule by requiring masks to be worn while in close contact on and off the playing field/court at all times.

The memo further states, “the lack of local games is forcing our teams and players to travel out of the area, county or state to participate in competitions. More leeway in guidelines is needed to allow kids and families to stay locally, remain active and safely participate in the sports and activities they love.”

Agenda Item 7 – Approve design modification to construct shade structures at Deanna Manning Stadium and three softball fields at Bill Barber Community Park

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