Irvine Train Station: One-Mile Radius Access Improvement Project

Serving over a million commuters annually, the Irvine Train Station is the busiest train station in Orange County. The Irvine Station currently serves as a loading and off-loading location for Amtrak and Metrolink passenger rail riders. In addition, the Irvine Station is a hub for  Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) rail-feeder bus services as well as ride-hailing services. Also, the Irvine Train Station serves as a pickup and drop-off location for bus use by local residents who might not use the train services. Until recently, the Irvine Train Station was also a non-stop FlyAway service to Los Angeles International Airport.*

Irvine Station Connects…

Irvine Station Connects is an Irvine planning project with the stated purpose of improving first and last mile access to and from the Irvine Train Station. This one-mile radius from the train station is a place where people live, work, shop, and play, so the goal is to improve access to these various activities.

To achieve this end, Irvine staff is in the process of defining and eventually implementing better walking, bicycling, and transit options than currently exist in this area. The completion date for a finalized plan is February 2021.

Note: The one-mile access to and from the train station implies that these improvements are for people commuting to and from the Irvine Train Station. However, as stated, this is an area where people live, so these changes could improve the lives of Irvine residents even if they are not train commuters.

Focus Areas

As one method to receive public input, Irvine staff held the first of two planned online workshops on August 27. Some specific areas within this one-mile radius focused on during the August 27 online workshop were as follows:

  • Irvine Train Station
  • Irvine Center Drive and Pacifica
  • Barranca and Marine Way
  • Irvine Spectrum
  • Alton Parkway and Ada
  • I-5 and Barranca (carpool on and off ramps)
  • Spectrum Center Drive and Pacifica

Public Input

At the August 27 workshop, some public comments received were as follows:

  • Squared off corners at intersections are safer for pedestrians and bicyclists than sweeping curved corners.
  • Trees provide shade and make walking and bicycle riding a better experience.
  • Shared bicycle and walking routes are not optimal in providing safety and convenience for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Increased measures to ensure against bicycle theft are needed (bike lockers at the Irvine Train Station are ample, but possible theft is still a concern).
  • More frequent bus stop pickups and drop-offs are needed.
  • Elevators at the Irvine Train Station are difficult for bike riders to use.
  • Sidewalks are missing in some places.
  • Lack of a buffer between cars and bikes is a safety issue.
  • More wayfinding signage is needed.
  • Ways to make bike lanes more noticeable as bike lanes are needed.

The date for the second workshop is to be determined.

Tools for Engagement

Irvine staff are providing the following methods for the public input.

  • Interactive markers on an online map: The interactive map allows the user to select a specific area within the one-mile Irvine Station radius and suggest improvements.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online survey:
  • Second online town hall workshop with a date to be determined

*Perhaps the non-stop FlyAway service to LAX will be reinstated after this pandemic.

Funding partially provided by Southern California Association of Government’s (SCAG) Sustainable Planning Grant.