Jeffrey/Alton Parkway Road Intersection Widenings

Under the Consent Calendar on the February 27th City Council meeting, staff is asking City Council to award the construction contract to Sully-Miller Contracting, the lowest bidder to complete a road widening of Jeffrey/Alton.

This project was approved by City Council in April 2022 and is funded through NITM (North Irvine Transportation Mitigation) program, a developer fee fund for traffic flow mitigation.The following description of the Capital Improvement Project can be found in the Staff Report:

“The proposed improvements at Jeffrey Road/Alton Parkway will widen the intersection to add a new third westbound left-turn lane from Alton Parkway to southbound Jeffrey Road, extend the existing southbound dual left-turn pockets, restripe to provide a de-facto right-turn lane from southbound Jeffrey Road to westbound Alton Parkway, convert the existing northbound free right-turn lane on Jeffrey Road to a standard right-turn lane, and widen Alton Parkway along the southerly curb lane within the existing right-of-way.

The project scope also includes upgrade of access ramps, modification of drainage systems, and upgrade of traffic signals with enhanced vehicle and bicycle video detection technology to assist with improved signal timing along the corridor. The project requires a temporary construction easement from the adjacent property owner (Irvine Company) at the southwest quadrant of the intersection, but does not require property acquisition nor impact the frontage of the Woodbridge Village community. All disturbed landscape areas will be replaced with plant materials similar in kind.Irvine Company is also the property owner of the two adjacent northwest and northeast shopping centers, and they are supportive of the proposed improvements.”

Note: a “de-facto right turn lane” means a bike lane that is wide enough to accommodate both through and right-turning traffic. Currently, the dashed bike lane on southbound Jeffrey approaching Alton is not wide enough to accommodate the width of a single car.E-comments can be made on this Consent Calendar Item 3.9 by clicking here. For more information on how to participate or to obtain the entire City Council agenda, click here.