[Opinion] I Am Curious about Irvine’s Transportation Department and Commission

What’s up with Irvine’s Transportation Department and Transportation Commission?

The Transportation Director Mark Linsenmayer resigned without any recognition for his service. His temporary replacement, Acting Director Jamie Bourgeois, was never introduced at the Transportation Commission meeting.

Lately, only 3-4 out of 5 commissioners have been attending the Transportation Commission meetings. Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Kuo has yet to appoint a Transportation Commissioner.

The Transportation Commission is a relatively new commission and met for the first time in May 2017. The commission was developed by the city council to focus on improving traffic management, transit planning, and traffic safety. As high-density developments are increasing in size and number we really need commission oversight over Irvine’s traffic circulation system.

Please, let’s fully staff The Transportation Commission with commissioners that are able to attend the bi-monthly commission meetings.