Opinion: It’s Time for the City Council to Approve Regulations on Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment

On December 14, 2021, Mayor Khan moved and Councilmember Kim seconded the move to direct City staff to come back to the city council with a draft for an ordinance to ban the loud and fume-producing gas-powered lawn equipment. All five of the Irvine Council Members then voted “Yes”.

It has been two years now and no draft for this ordinance has come before the Irvine City Council. Someone dropped the ball or was actively blocking this from moving forward. The Mayor had the main responsibility to see that this moved forward in a timely way.

Fortunately, Councilmember Kathleen Treseder recently revived this issue by proposing a related gas-powered lawn equipment ordinance. It is agendized for discussion and a vote at the November 28, 2023 City Council meeting. It is time that the City Council approves an unwatered downed version of the staff recommendations for this.


The staff report include some of the landscapers and HOAs concerns, such as battery life problems. However, the excellent presentations given at one of the Irvine Green Ribbon Committee meetings from April 2021 provides some possible answers. Dr. Wu of the UCI Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and Dan Mabe of American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) gave the presentations. Information on how to deal with problems such as battery life as well as the presentations can be found in the following article:

Read: Green Ribbon Committee to Staff: Draft New Glas-Powered Lawn Equipment Ordinance

For some background on the history of this issue with the Irvine City Council:

Read: Opinion: Annoyed Irvine Resident Urges No Blow for Gas Lawn Equipment. But What Will The Irvine Company and Mayor Khan Do?

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