Packed City Council Agenda for July 25

The City Council will meet on Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 4:00PM. Read the full agenda here. 

Residents seeking environment initiatives will want to tune into this meeting. Here are the key Council Business Items:  

4.4 Formation of the Sustainability Commission

This Tuesday, the city may officially dissolve the Green Ribbon Environmental Committee (GREC) and welcome its fifth commission, the Sustainability Commission. “The responsibilities and function of the GREC are now being transitioned to the Sustainability Commission, the GREC is no longer necessary and will be dissolved by the attached resolution (Attachment 1) as a part of the Commission’s establishment.”

Per the staff report, the proposed duties for the Sustainability Commission are:

  • Advise the City Council on sustainability policies related to energy, recycling and waste management, mobility, open space and water issues.
  • Make recommendations to the City Council on sustainability policies and programs related to energy, recycling and waste management, sustainability in mobility (eg. EV migration), open space and water issues.
  • Advise the City Council in the review of sustainability programs or projects the City is proposing.
  • Advise the City Council on successful implementation of the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, including suggestions on how that work can be performed more efficiently and effectively.
  • Provide suggestions to staff and the City Council on how to better engage Irvine residents and businesses on sustainability issues and implementation of the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.
  • Perform such other duties or studies as may be directed by the City Council.

Financial Impact

Operating costs for a city commission are approximately $25,000 annually, including commissioner stipends and other minor administrative costs. Funding for this commission will be absorbed in the existing Project Delivery & Sustainability Department Fiscal Year 2023-25 budget.

For background, the City of Irvine currently has the following four Commissions:

  1. Planning Commission
  2. Transportation Commission
  3. Finance Commission
  4. Community Services Commission


4.5 Annual Report on the Police Use of Military Equipment Assembly Bill 481

Per the staff report:

On September 30, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 481 (AB 481). The bill was codified in Government Code 7070 and took effect January 1, 2022. Pursuant to this new legislation, every municipal law enforcement agency in the State is required to obtain approval from their governing body prior to taking certain actions related to the funding, acquisition, and / or use of certain police equipment.

On April 26, 2022, the Irvine City Council approved the military equipment use policy and the purpose of this staff report is to provide the annual military equipment use report. AB 481 requires a law enforcement agency that receives approval for military equipment use to submit an annual military equipment use report.

The annual military equipment report shall include the following information for the immediately preceding calendar year for each type of military equipment:

    1. A summary of how the military equipment was used and the purpose of its use.
    2. A summary of any complaints or concerns received concerning the military equipment.
    3. The results of any internal audits, any information about violations of the military equipment use policy, and any actions taken in response.
    4. The total annual cost for each type of military equipment, including acquisition,personnel, training, transportation, maintenance, storage, upgrade, and other ongoing costs, and from what source funds will be provided for the military equipment in the calendar year following submission of the annual military equipment report.
    5. The quantity possessed for each type of military equipment.
    6. If the law enforcement agency intends to acquire additional military equipment in the next year, the quantity sought for each type of military equipment.

This item is a receive and file. The 17-page report can be read here. 


4.6 Consideration of a Request by Councilmember Treseder to Discuss the Development of Plastic Waste Reduction Program and Creation of Plastic Waste Reduction Ordinance

The Memo submitted by Councilmember Treseder is a request for a discussion on creating a Plastic Waste Reduction Ordinance and begins by stating:

Plastic waste, particularly from single-use plastics, threatens the environmental wellbeing of Irvine and our surrounding communities.”

In Irvine and the surrounding areas, plastic waste often clogs vital waterways and contaminates protected natural areas. Much of Irvine’s plastic waste is carried downstream via water arteries like the San Diego Creek ending up in local bays and estuaries. According to the Newport Bay Conservancy, these plastics congregate in habitats vital for wildlife and migratory birds threatening to upend fragile ecosystems.

As a leader in environmental protection, I believe the City of Irvine should take the lead in crafting a comprehensive plastic reduction program. To accomplish this goal, I propose that:

1. The City Manager and City Attorney create a comprehensive Plastic Waste Reduction Ordinance.
2. City Staff conduct outreach to local businesses and survey potential programs to help reduce plastic waste.
3. The City Manager identifies proper funding sources for implementing and enforcing these programs.

The Memo then “formally request[s] City Council support to direct City Staff to take the actions outlined in the remainder of [the] memo” and have Staff report back to the City Council on the recommended actions within 120 days of the adoption of this motion.


4.7 Consideration of a Request by Mayor Khan to Discuss the Development of a Citywide Sustainable Mobility Plan

Per the attached Memo, the Mayor states,

I am requesting that the City Council consider directing that the City Manager develop a Sustainable Mobility Plan by January 2024, which will guide the implementation of increased mobility options throughout Irvine. The Sustainable Mobility Plan should be focused on ways that the City can prioritize alternative transportation options, to include:

  • A Citywide plan to install new bicycle infrastructure, to include a network of protected Class IV bike lanes that link all parts of Irvine
  • Within each residential village, the development of more localized protected bike lanes, to include development of safe routes connecting parks, schools,
    and retail locations
  • Development of mobility hubs that feature bike-share and car-share services
  • Consideration of plans to increase connectivity for biking, walking, public transit stops, and trail networks 


4.8 Consideration of a Request by Vice Mayor Kim and Councilmember Carroll for a Status Update and the Consideration of an Agremeent with Live Nation

Per the Memo,

“On February 21, 2023, the City Council voted to direct that we, as the City Council Amphitheater Subcommittee, continue exclusive negotiations with the Live Nation organization regarding the development of a permanent live music amphitheater in the Great Park. This planned project would replace the temporary FivePoint Amphitheater, which was an interim continuation of the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater that has served the community for over 42 years.

Since receiving that City Council direction, we have worked diligently with Staff and Live Nation, and have reached tentative agreement on terms related to an updated Design, Construction & Operation Agreement (DCOA).

In order to provide a status update regarding how the negotiations have progressed to date, and to review the DCOA that has been negotiated by the City Council Amphitheater Subcommittee, we respectfully request that this item be placed on the July 25, 2023 agenda for full City Council consideration and approval.

The negotiated version of the DCOA will be published on or before Friday, July 21, 2023.”

In response to the Memo, residents who have been keeping apprised of the City Council’s decisions expressed concerns, including Councilmember Treseder who chimed in on social media stating the following: 

“Unfortunately, that is simply not enough time for my office to evaluate the contract. The last version was lengthy and convoluted, and I can’t imagine it will be easier this round. It is of great concern to me that I may be required to vote on this item without the opportunity for due diligence.

  1. My office cannot possibly do due diligence on this item between Friday and Tuesday. The last contract was long and difficult to decipher.
  2. Patrick Strader started out behind the scenes, then began attending the negotiations, and is now directly negotiating on behalf of LiveNation.
  3. There is $100 million of taxpayer money at stake, not to mention decades of noise pollution and traffic congestion.

Then on Wednesday, July 20, Councilmember Treseder stated on social meda, “I have it on good authority that this item will be pulled from Tuesday’s agenda.” However, there has been no change to the agenda since. 

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