Present were:  Greg Smith (Shea), Dustin Nirschl (Fox), John Doung (Lalloway), Anthony Kuo (Wagner), and Patty Bartlett (Schott).

Enhanced transparency and public participation with regards to development projects has arrived to Irvine

The City of Irvine website now has an interactive map highlighting development projects across the city.

Staff Report: The interactive development map is accessed through the Transparency Portal. You can click on the Transparency Portal, then click on the map and see brief descriptions of the projects.  Development projects are placed on the map after the applicant submits the project proposals, and a city planning staff member is assigned to the project.  Future plans for the interactive map site include allowing members of the public to submit questions and concerns about development projects which would be sent to the assigned planning staff member who can then contact the sender to discuss the mentioned issues and concerns about the project.

Edwards Lifesciences is moving to the IBC in Irvine

Edwards Lifesciences designs heart treatment products and procedures and treats patients with heart defects and diseases.

Staff report: The project design has no significant impact on traffic.  The design would include improvements to access for pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation.  It would provide wide sidewalks, widened bike lines, and bus turn off areas.

Applicant: Applicant showed 2 videos introducing the services provided by Edwards Lifesciences. Applicant emphasized that the corporation would bring jobs and substantial tax income to the City of Irvine.

Kuo asked for a flag pole.  Applicant said that there would be a flag pole.

Duong asked for the build-out date.  Staff reported that the project would be completed in 2020.

Dirsschl said that he was concerned about the need for a left-turn signal on Redhill Avenue for guests who enter the guest parking lot.  Staff said that there will be a signal which will be monitored.

The project features were approved 5-0.

Veterans’ Cemetery Agenda

Smith asked that the Veterans’ Cemetery Agenda item was continued to 1/3/19 because it is an important and complex issue, and thus should be presented to the new planning commission which will get two new members appointed by the new city council.

Commission approved continuance 5-0.