2/21/19 – Planning Commission Meeting Highlights

Present were: Dustin Nirschl (Fox), Michael Carroll (Kuo), Greg Smith (Shea), Steven Huang (Khan) and Jeff Pierson (Wagner).

The Jeffrey Open Space Trail from Barranca to Walnut project proposal was approved for sending to City Council for approval on the 3/26/19 agenda

Staff report by Cheryl Lea: The trail extension is set along Jeffrey on SCE Property passing Manassero Farms, Irvine Valley College, and Oak Creek Golf Course.  There will be a bridge that will go over the 5 freeway.

Smith wanted to make sure that the trail project does not eliminate the Christmas Tree Lot or Pumpkin Patch located on Manassero Farms property.  Staff reported that both will be retained.  Smith also said that he wanted the trail to be protected and set back a bit from Jeffrey out of concern for public safety.  Staff said that there will be a buffer strip with landscaping between the trail and the street.

Carrol asked what ADA (American Disabilities Act) accommodations were being made, and staff reported that the grade of the hills are ADA compliant.  Carrol also asked about wildlife signage.  Staff reported that there will be Coyote warning signs as coyotes have been seen in the area.

Huang asked if SCE has the right to request change in the trail layout.  Staff said that SCE does have the right, but likely will not make the request as Irvine Staff has been working closely with SCE in creating the pathway design.

Pierson asked if the agreement with Manassero farms has a specified term.  Staff said that there is a specified term limit for the trail agreement, but the agreement has a provision for negotiation of future agreements.

Smith stated that he wants the Planning Commission proposal to include enhancement of the Orange Grove by creating some sort of landmark or historical monument to Irvine’s past.

Motion to approve the project with addition of the historical landmark: 5-0.

Three new light pole replacements for AT&T wireless services are approved.  They will be placed at Bryan and the 261, at Warner and Harvard, and at Barranca and Harvard

Staff report by Katie Berg-Curtis: The poles will enhance wireless coverage and network capacity. The replacement poles will be higher and wider than the current poles. The poles will be consistent with the design of the current SCE Poles.

Carroll said that multiple uses exist for wireless transmission, and thus multiple frequencies are currently being used.  Carroll said that he is concerned about there being an interference issue between the new poles and current wireless transmissions. Carroll said that he would like to make sure that the “permittees” are required to take all necessary actions to cease interference.

City Attorney Melching provided legal wording of the condition.  AT&T representative agreed to the condition. It was also agreed that the agreements with “permittees” would require areas where current poles are removed to be restored to a condition similar to the aesthetic standard of the neighborhood.

The motion to approve the permits with the added condition was approved 5-0.

Northwood Town Center to be upgraded with enhanced convenience store, gas station, and a new car wash

Staff report by Stephanie Frady:  The current convenience store does not sell alcoholic beverages, but the new store will be licensed to sell beer and wine from 10 AM and to 10 PM.  The gas station will open at 5 am and close at 10 pm, increasing business hours by 1 hour. Noise studies indicated that there will be no discernible noise increase. Landscaping aesthetics standards will be maintained.

Motion to approve the conditional use permit was approved 5-0.