Planning for Affordable Housing, Energy Solutions, and Climate Action

Irvine City Council Meeting — November 10, 2020 at 4PM

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  1. Silverado Fire Update
  2. Community Choice Energy


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Agenda Item 2.5:  Resolution Authorizing Grant Program Applications To State Department Of Housing And Community Development to Establish Funding Source For Eligible Housing and Homelessness Prevention Activities.

The recommended funding application would be for procuring a funding source for permanent local housing allocation (PLHA) for addressing local affordable housing needs and for homelessness prevention program activities.  The City of Irvine would receive $757,977 for this year and $4.5 million for the 2019-2023 5 year plan. Funding comes from fees imposed at the time of recording every legal estate document on property parcels.  The application identifies projects the funding would be used for including the Cartwright Family Affordable Housing Program and the Irvine Community Land Trust.


Public Hearing Agenda:

Agenda Item 3.1: Amendment to the Action Plan for Emergency Solutions Grant Funding Related to the CARES Act

On April 28, the City Council approved the distribution of CARES Act funding of $558,059 to Families Forward and South County Outreach to provide short term rent and utility assistance.  In June the City of Irvine was allocated $2,927,391 in a second round of funding for distribution to homeless service providers. The City is currently seeking approval of an action plan to address homelessness.

    1. Street outreach
    2. Emergency shelter
    3. Essential services
    4. Rapid re-housing
    5. Homelessness prevention
    6. Expedited funding for preparing for and responding to COVID-19 pandemic.


Council Business Agenda:

Agenda Item 4.2: Recommendations of the Strategic Energy Plan

The Strategic Energy Plan’s purpose is to meet the State-wide emission reduction targets. The plan focuses on the energy supply, building energy usage, transportation, and land use. The plan includes:

    1. Joint Community Choice energy programs
    2. Community facing upgrade program which teaches residents how to become more energy efficient.
    3. Developing an electric vehicle action plan which includes zero emission public transportation and city vehicles being electric vehicles by 2034.
    4. Review of building electrical capacity needs and means of reducing building energy consumption and creating energy storage .
    5. Add environmental protection and climate action programs to General Plan update.
    6. Energy supply recommendations which would establish an electrical supply portfolio which would reach 100% renewable energy by 2045.

Agenda Item 4.3: Review of Climate Action Plan and Scope of Work

The State of California has the most aggressive benchmarks in the country to reduce harmful emissions over the next decade.  California has achieved the target reduction of greenhouse admissions ahead of schedule while at the same time increasing the State’s economy showing that State environmental policies are good both for our environment and our economy.

California’s long term goal is to become carbon neutral by 2045. To do its part in meeting the State’s goal, Irvine needs to develop a Climate Action Adaptation Plan (CAAP) which would outline the scope of work needed to make necessary changes which would include:

    1. Changes in electricity generation
    2. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
    3. Changes in the transportation system
    4. Changes in industry and agriculture
    5. Stakeholder engagement including both city staff and external stakeholder working groups.
    6. Educate and prepare the community for unavoidable impacts of climate change.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 4PM
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