Transportation Commission: Signal Synchronization and Oak Creek Rideshare

Agenda Item 3: Plans, specifications, and contract documents for Culver Drive/Bonita Canyon Drive Signal Synchronization Program Project

The City of Irvine has a partnership project with the City of Newport Beach and Cal Trans to synchronize traffic signals along Culver Drive and Bonita Canyon Drive which will serve to improve the traffic flow along this traffic corridor. The project is funded largely with an OCTA grant. The cost of the program will be $1,424,660 with the grant funding $1,139,728, the City of Irvine funding $119,142, and the City of Newport Beach funding $165,790.

The last time the signals were synchronized was in 2016. The City of Irvine has been synchronizing these signals every 3 to 5 years due to changes in traffic patterns. 

Agenda Item 4: Zone Change Traffic Study for Planning area 12, Spectrum 7 (Oak Creek Planning Area)

This development project is located west of the former Travel Land site. This agenda item calls for approval of a zone change traffic study. The traffic study includes this project site and it also includes analysis of the previously approved project which includes the extension of Walnut Avenue and Jeffrey at the I-5 South onramp and on to Burt Road, now a private road called “Progress”. 

This development project calls for a square foot reduction in research and development designated as general industrial and a square foot reduction in community commercial.  The project also calls for consolidation and increase in square footage of office space designated as medical and science. 

The Traffic Study found that the project will result in overall reduction of vehicle trips in this section of Planning Area 12 which has been designated “Spectrum 7 planning area”. The project parcels are mandatory members of Spectrumotion Transportation Management Program Association, a non-profit which offers free transportation programs for reducing single vehicle occupancy driving designed to help employees, residents, students, employers and property owners commute to and from their job site.

The project area is also well connected to on-and-off street bike and pedestrian trails with bike racks and lockers provided throughout the project site.

Transportation Commission Meeting
Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at 5:30 PM