Present were: Ken Montgomery (Fox), Sandy Moody (Schott),Carrie O’Malley (Wagner), Steve Greenberg (Shea) and Rose Casey (Lalloway).

Sandy Moody reported her displeasure with the Veterans’ Cemetery 11/20/18 agenda item discussion

Moody stated that the agenda item asked for input, not for a site approval vote. Moody said that she could not understand why Montgomery and Greenberg voted against the wishes of the voters. Moody reported that City Council members’ report that the Transportation Commission approved the ARDA site is incorrect.

Irvine created a circulation phasing Advisory Committee task force

It would prioritize current and future traffic circulation remediation projects and submit reports to the Planning commission. The Task force would not include members of the general public, the task force meetings would not be open to the public and the task force would not reach out to the public for input.

Staff report: Traffic circulation reports are presented every 5 years. The task force consists of 3 commissioners, 2 industry and developer representatives (Irvine Company and Heritage Field which are the largest property owners), and planning department staff. The task force reports are to be submitted every 5 years. Staff said that the last two reports were presented in 2008 and 2012. Public commenter reported concerns about the appearance of conflict of interest as the developers fund the campaigns of the city council members who then appoint the commissioners and fund the campaigns of commissioners who ran for city council. Commenter requested that those who accepted developer funding or were appointed by city council members who accepted developer funding recuse themselves on this agenda item. Public commenter requested that, in the interest of transparency and public participation in city decision making, the task force include members of the general public and that the task force reach out to the public for input as part of the analysis and prioritization process.

O’Malley asked about the character of the group and whether the meetings of the task force would be open to the public. Staff stated the committee is a working group and their meetings would not be open to the public. The task force reports would be presented to the Transportation Commission as an agenda item, and the public would have the opportunity to make public comments at that time.

Casey requested more frequent task force reports and stated that the more frequent the reports are the better. 

O’Malley moved that the resolution creating the task force be amended to include the requirement that the task force includes the chair and vice chair of the commissions.

The motion was approved 5-0.

Edwards Lifesciences is moving to the IBC in Irvine

Edwards Lifesciences designs heart treatment products and procedures and treats patients with heart defects and diseases.

Staff report: The project design has no significant impact on traffic. The design would include improvements to access for pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation. It would provide wide sidewalks, widened bike lines, and bus turn off areas.

Applicant showed a brief video introducing the services provided by Edwards Lifesciences. Applicant emphasized that the corporation would bring jobs and substantial tax income to the City of Irvine.

The project features were approved 5-0.

Nighttime circulation roadwork improvement and construction projects were approved

Mark Linsenmayer, Director of Transportation presented the agenda item: Construction service provider stated that nighttime construction work (construction, paving, striping, sweeping, signal work) can take place in non-residential areas during nighttime hours. This would reduce impact on traffic, and it would be safer for staff. Nighttime work would result in the ability to complete projects in a shorter amount of time. Some of the projects would require overtime payments to staff for nighttime work; other projects would not require overtime payments. Service provider also reported that for work in residential areas, the provider would reach out to communities affected by the project. He stated the time frame for street work would consider the school drop off and pick up times during the day.

The commission approved the provider’s report 5-0.

List of left-turn Pocket Elongation and Restriping needs

Commissioner O’Malley presented amended list of left-turn Pocket Elongation and Restriping needs and requests evaluation report from staff.

Montgomery requested annual review of left turn lanes and requested the staff come to the commission with their recommendations.

Linsenmayer stated the staff has a lot of projects at this time, and thus he would have to prioritize the transportation projects. He said he would likely be able to present a report in 90 to 120 days.

Request for a left-turn pocket report was approved 5-0.

Commissioner Montgomery requested staff study and report of stop sign compliance throughout the city of Irvine

Public Commenter reported her daughter was hit by a driver who had stopped at a stop sign and signaled the daughter inviting her to cross, but when the daughter was in the crosswalk, the car started up and ran into her.

Montgomery stated that stop sign compliance is a problem throughout the city.

O’Malley asked the staff to study stop sign compliance throughout the city and return a report to the Transportation Commission.

Linsenmayer reported there are over 1,300 stop sign intersections to evaluate. He said he would prioritize his projects but would provide a staff report on stop sign compliance.

Police officer report: An Irvine PD area traffic officer reported that in the interest of school and child safety, the city should be divided up into areas for IPD monitoring of car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic and monitoring of stop sign compliance at school crossing intersections.

Request for stop sign compliance report was approved 5-0.

Commissioner Montgomery requested staff study for improvement of pedestrian and bicycle access to the Great Park where the Cypress and Walnut Trails connect to the Marine Avenue connection to the Great Park

Montgomery reported the access is near the freeway’s on-ramps and off-ramps and is hazardous for bikers.

O’Malley stated the access is hazardous to pedestrians, joggers and bicyclists, and the staff needs to provide recommendations that consider the safety of everyone accessing the Great Park at this location.

The request for a stuff study was approved 5-0.

The December 18 Commission Meeting is cancelled.