UCI: Building Connections for a Sustainable Future. What’s Stopping Us? [Video]

“Politics has a special type of authority and intuitively, genetically, has a commitment to the public good. So don’t give up on the possibilities of American politics.”

“[Politicians] all talk as if they can sort of do it on their own, but they can’t. So what’s stopping them?”

“So the question is how do we bring together capital, technology, the next generation, and our politicians, to solve this problem? Orange County is one place where we have got those things in abundance. What if we could, at this scale of Orange County, put these things together?”

“We need to ensure everything we do includes everybody. If we do that we’re going to be an inspiration for the world because those are four of the most diacritical elements [capital, technology, youth, politicians] of moving towards a sustainable world, a fair world, a world which we can be proud. And we have the potential to do it right here. We have the same problems as anywhere else but we have probably more assets than just about anywhere else. So what’s stopping us?”

Thank you UCI for hosting this great event!