What’s New With the Veterans’ Cemetery, Pretend City, Holiday Faire, & LIFOC Western Sector Cleared For Clean-up And Redevelopment

Great Park Board Meeting Agenda

Agenda Item 1.2:  Project Development Report Update 

  1. Veterans’ Cemetery: The State hired Huitt-Zollers Consulting to evaluate the ARDA and Golf Course sites. The technical studies are be prepared and are to be completed by May 2021.
  2. Pretend City: The capital campaign is ongoing.  The concept plans are due April 2021.
  3. LIFLOC located in the Western Sector of the Great Park: LIFOC (Lease In Furtherance of Conveyance) has been under the control of the Department of the Navy until ready for clearance, clean-up, and re-development. The Navy has now given preliminary consent for conveyance, clean-up and re-development.  The clearance and clean-up costs are estimated to be $3.5 million.
  4. Galleries have been re-opened at 25% capacity.
  5. Holiday Faire is scheduled for 11/7/20: The Holiday Faire will be a ticketed event in order to control attendance and spacing.

Great Park Board Meeting – October 27 at 3PM
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