Will Irvine Have Its Own Vaccination Program

Tuesday’s Irvine City Council Meeting agenda item 4.1 is a COVID-19 Situational Update and the recommended action is to authorize the Interim City Manager  Marianna Marysheva to execute a License Agreement with the County of Orange to facilitate a COVID-19 vaccination site at the Orange County Great Park.

Irvine’s Emergency Services Program is following the COVID-19 response recommendations of the Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA). However, there are some issues that the HCA vaccine distribution plans do not clearly address with regards to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Irvine should develop its own vaccine distribution program that:

  1. Expands the list of candidates for the highest vaccination priority category (1A)
  2. Guarantees people would receive the required 2 shots of the same vaccine within the prescribed time period
  3. Establishes a means for distributing vaccines to the home-bound, the homeless population, and to those who do not have access to transportation to established vaccination sites.

Priority Classification Categories

In the interest of protecting the health and safety of Irvine’s residents, the most vulnerable members of our Irvine community should be placed in Irvine’s highest priority 1A COVID-19 vaccination category.

This category should be expanded to include:

  1. Employees of essential services such as grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies as they have routine contact with the general public.
  2. Farm workers as they provide produce consumed by the general public.
  3. Prisoners residing in prisons and jails as they live in crowded conditions where social distancing is difficult to maintain.
  4. People who are homeless and residents of homeless shelters.

Guarantee for 2 shots of the same vaccine within the required time frame

For COVID-19 vaccines to be effective, 2 shots of the same vaccine must be given within a prescribed time frame. The vaccination procedure must also include observation of recipients after receiving injections in order to monitor for allergic reactions. It has been well publicized that there are problems with regards to obtaining adequate supplies of COVID-19 vaccines, thus there is no guarantee that sufficient vaccine supplies will be available to guarantee that everyone can receive 2 shots of the same vaccine within the required time interval.

Question: What steps will be taken to guarantee there will be adequate vaccine supplies to ensure that Irvine residents can receive two shots of the same vaccine during the required time interval?

Plans for vaccinating those who are home-bound, homeless, and those who do not have access to transportation

Advertised vaccination programs have not addressed the manner in which vaccines are to be distributed to the homeless, to those who are home-bound or to those that do not have access to transportation to vaccination sites.

Question: What are the plans for distributing vaccine injections to the home-bound disabled community members, the homeless population, and to those that do not have access to transportation?

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