Woodbury Families’ Requests for Stop Sign at Great Lawn & Hallmark Agendized

At the upcoming City Council meeting on February 27, Councilmember Tammy Kim has formally requested the city to review the installation of stop signs at the intersection of Great Lawn and Hallmark in the village of Woodbury. This request stems from numerous appeals by community members dating back to 2010, for additional traffic control measures and lighting, with residents not receiving updates or progress on the matter for months when communicating directly with Public Works. Notably, recent changes have allowed the city to reassess the situation under additional considerations, now also factoring in pedestrian traffic alongside vehicular flow.

Supporters of this initiative include members of the Woodbury community, including the Woodbury Elementary PTA. Below image was taken from the Woodbury PTA Instagram page.

In January of 2022, at the opposite end of the same street of Great Lawn and Vintage, a collision occurred between a 13-year-old cyclist and a motor vehicle (both Great Lawn/Hallmark and Great Lawn/Vintage share the exact same intersection design). Then-Councilmember Kuo pushed staff to install a stop sign at the intersection. Pictured below is a social media post at the time by Kuo:

See the stop sign before and after Great Lawn/Vintage:

Great Lawn/Vintage January 2023

Great Lawn/Vintage January 2018

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