Zoning Ordinance May Impact Parking Availability in Irvine’s Older Villages and Improved Cell Reception Coming to Woodbridge

The residents of Irvine’s villages have been experiencing increases in traffic and inadequate parking. Zoning ordinance upgrades and a wireless communication facility are on the agenda for the April 21, 2021 Planning Commission meeting.

Agenda Item 1:  Zoning Ordinance Technical Update

Though Irvine’s zoning ordinances were, and should continue to be,  created to support the Irvine Village Concept with good traffic circulation and ample parking for residents in the villages outside the Irvine Business Complex, residents of Irvine’s older villages are experiencing significant increases in traffic flow and inadequate parking availability. The zoning ordinance technical update includes a provision that could serve to exacerbate these conditions. The technical update includes:

  • Redefining new construction

Projects are to be considered new construction projects, rather than remodeling projects, if the project includes tearing down houses all but for the slab, foundation and footing thereby requiring the projects to comply with current building standards and current ordinances, including parking related ordinances.

    • Note: The zoning ordinance technical update specifically exempts remodeling projects that add to homes that were approved before August 9, 1982 from the zoning ordinance parking requirement which would increase the parking requirement for the home.  The exemption is being created due to the inability to access increased parking. This parking  requirement exemption would primarily apply to Irvine’s older villages that already are experiencing shortages in parking availability.
  • Notice to commercial businesses and residents within 500 feet of a construction project

Irvine’s current ordinance requires notice be given to owners and tenants of homes and commercial property, and to apartment tenants. This ordinance update is amended to require notice be given to home rental tenants.

  • Changes to Building Permit requirements for construction of walls and fences.

The zoning ordinance update changes the requirement for building permits for walls and fences from those that are to be 6 feet in height to those that are to be 7 feet in height.

Agenda Item 2:  Adopt a Conditional Use Permit for a Verizon Wireless facility on SoCal Edison’s lattice tower located by Jeffrey and I-405 freeway in Woodbridge

Plancom Inc. on behalf of Verizon Wireless, is requesting a Conditional Use Permit for a wireless communication facility on an existing 103-foot, 10-inches tall, Southern California Edison lattice tower, near the intersection of Jeffrey Road and the I-405 Freeway. This project would improve capacity and coverage for the surrounding residential development, including Woodbridge which is known for its poor reception.

Here is a link to view the entire vicinity map below.

For additional information about the April 21, 2021 Planning Commission meeting including how to participate or submit a public comment click here.