Attend Councilmember Carroll’s Town Hall on July 11 re: Proposed Rezoning of RCI Property

Newly appointed Irvine Councilmember Mike Carroll is hosting his first town hall meeting to hear resident concerns about the proposed redevelopment of the Racquet Club of Irvine (RCI) site which is located at Culver & Michelson. The meeting is at:

Councilmember Carroll wants to hear from the Irvine community on KB Home’s proposal to change the city’s General Plan and allow the RCI property to be rezoned to allow 123 multi-story condos/residences to be built on the property..


The developer KB Home has submitted an application to the city of Irvine to amend the General Plan to allow them to rezone the RCI property from “Commercial Recreation” to “Medium-High Density Residential.”  KB Home wants to build 123 multi-story condos/residences on the property.

As a first step, the city has issued a letter sent to residents who live within 500 feet of the RCI property, along with a short list of “interested parties” and HOAs.  Read the City of Irvine letter.

A General Plan change requires a “scoping session” during a City Council meeting in which residents may speak, with the City Councilmembers voting to decide whether to allow KB Home’s application to proceed.  It’s expected this will take place within in the next couple of months or so.

Of course, building homes to the RCI property, which was never intended for medium-high density homes, will further aggravate traffic, further overburden our local schools, and take away a valued recreational amenity enjoyed by many.

Irvine Watchdog encourages the Irvine residents to attend Councilmember Carroll’s town hall meeting on July 11th to show him that our community supports upholding our city’s General Plan and to further uphold the current zoning of the RCI property.