Development Projects that Concern Irvine Residents

1)    Parkview Center – Planning Commission Approved

    1. University and Michelson already at an extremely poor level of service and yet we are expected to absorb MORE traffic! –


    1. Only and “access study” was done not a full traffic analysis


    1. 24 hour convenience store with alcohol


    1. NO TRAFFIC REPORT available to the public ahead of the meeting – BROWN ACT VIOLATION???


    1. “Neighbors” within 500 feet were informed…..why wasn’t this posted on NextDoor to TurtleRock?  These citizens use this center and SIT IN THIS TRAFFIC!!


  1. University / Ridgeline intersection has been slated for upgrade for ages – the site of numerous fatalities and yet this wasn’t considered!!

2)    Rancho San Joaquin

3)    Sterling Dental