Request for Emergency Moratorium Against All American Asphalt

City of Irvine’s Emergency Moratorium 

The “non-disclosed” and “concealed” All American Asphalt (AAA) plant hidden in a nature preserve has been a health hazard and public nuisance for thousands of Irvine residents for years.  After over two years of working on getting the needed safeguards in place, our children still have zero protection from these harmful emissions. We continue to be inundated by strong asphalt fumes and other chemical odors. AAA is not only a public nuisance but a health hazard threatening everyone’s health, especially our children’s.

We received confirmation from City Attorney Jeff Melching that Mayor Shea’s attempt to remove AAA’s business license failed. This led to our formal request to Councilwoman Farrah Khan to bring forward an emergency moratorium to shut down AAA operations temporarily, which she agreed to. Councilwoman Fox also agreed that this was critically needed and agreed to help place the emergency moratorium on the City Council agenda. So what does that mean exactly? It means that we only need one more elected official to support this safeguard to make it happen.

On Tuesday, November 3, we emailed Mayor Christina SheaCouncilman Carrol, and Councilmen Kuo individually asking them to please keep their oath to protect public health and safety and support this moratorium!

The recent Silverado fire that threatened thousands of Irvine residents, their homes, and our firefighters has highlighted the additional dangers and increased risk AAA presents with the explosive threat of its harmful asphalt emissions.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District has failed as an agency to do their job. The City of Irvine and the Irvine Company are ultimately culpable for allowing the development of communities and schools close to an existing plant without any safety and pollution studies or instituted safeguards to ensure public health and quality of life on an ongoing basis.

From AAA’s documented violations to their illegal expansion, this temporary shutdown will provide the time needed to develop the air monitoring and exposure characterization and fence-line of the facility and IUSD school sites.

IUSD and TUSD students, teachers, and staff’s health are all being compromised at these schools – The straight line distance of schools to the asphalt plant is as follows (in miles) – Nursery school: LePort 1.4. Elementary schools: Canyon View 1.68, Santiago Hills 2.1, Stonegate 1.9, Portola Springs 2.8, Eastwood 1.8, Westwood 2.7, Brywood 3, Woodbury 2.8. Middle schools: Orchard Hills 1.8, Sierra Vista 2.6, Jeffrey Trail 3.3, Pioneer 2.8. High schools: Northwood 1.3, Crean Lutheran 1.4.

Our team has been working with Non-Toxic Neighbohoods’ UCI advisors to collect baseline data. They have confirmed that smelling these odors equates to exposure, and exposure to these known carcinogens listed on AAA’s emissions reports is directly continuing to put our children at risk.

How have these toxic emissions already impacted our children’s health? This “non-disclosure” and “concealment” the City of Irvine and the Irvine Company allowed has robbed families of being able to protect their families from harm and make an informed decision on where to live.

We are asking Shea, Kuo, and Carroll to be on the right side of history with this, by taking the action needed to get this moratorium in place! All we need is ONE of them to support this action to get the safeguards needed to begin to protect our children from harm.

Kevin Lien, Stop Toxic Asphalt Pollutants
Kim Konte, Non-Toxic Neighborhoods