Sterling Dental Plaza

The proposed Sterling Dental Plaza zoning change and amended development plan for Woodbridge is designed to replace a 1 story 16,015 square foot building with a 2 story 46,800 square foot office building constructed over a parking lot for additional parking.  This project is totally out of compliance with the Woodbridge Village general plan which is for Woodbridge to consist of a number of neighborhood communities with a supportive infrastructure, such safe streets with low volume traffic, schools, churches, parks, recreation facilities, stores and offices, designed to serve the needs of Woodbridge residents.

It is clear that the proposed Sterling Dental Plaza plan is intended to serve the Greater Orange County Community rather than being limited to serving Woodbridge Village residents. The Sterling Dental Plaza is located near two very busy shopping centers with limited parking availability. Local streets already experience significant traffic congestion. The proposed Sterling Dental Plaza plans would serve to create an increased adverse impact on local traffic, parking availability, local property values, and on the safety and wellbeing of Woodbridge residents.