Message to Irvine Candidates!

Calling For Courageous Candidates


Irvine residents are calling for courageous City Council and Mayoral candidates who are willing to speak out against excessive development and excessive traffic in Irvine.

  • We want you to vow to support Irvine residents and protect our villages.
  • We want you to vow to support affordable and low income housing with superior standards rather than minimum allowable standards.
  • We want our candidates to take a vow to refuse development and related PAC campaign contributions and benefits.

As our candidates, you would likely incur the wrath of developers and their PACs who will spend lots of money in negative advertising directed at you.  We will all get lots of flyers, e-mails decrying the evil of your ways.  We are not unaware of the source of negative campaign funding….yes, it is the developers and their PACs.  If they don’t want you to win, WE want to vote you into office.  You can take advantage of their negative campaigning.  Post your positions on,NextDoor, Facebook and your campaign website. Post your responses to negative campaign allegations as well.  Do not engage in negative campaigning.  Just spread YOUR word.


Irvine WatchDog is paying attention!