Volunteer Writers & Researchers: We Want You!

Irvine Watchdog’s volunteer team is expanding – would you like to join us? 

Between the elections and robust Irvine political happenings, Irvine Watchdog is in search of local volunteers interested in helping keep our community in the loop on a variety of city affairs. 

Who we are looking for

Though our team spans generations and political parties, we share a passion for transparent, honest government that is accountable and accessible to its citizens. If you share that passion and have some skill in writing or research, we would love to hear from you.

Ways to get involved

  • Article contributors – There are three options for this type of involvement: 
    1. Take up a beat: Choose an issue that you care about or particular City Council/Commission meetings to report on and coordinate with our team to cover it on a regular basis. 
    2. Writer-on-call: There is a lot going on in Irvine and so much goes undocumented. If you would like to receive assignments from our Editorial Board on an on-call basis, this is for you. 
    3. Self-directed: You write opinions or articles at your discretion based on your interests. 
  • Researchers and data analysts: We are building a team of people we can train and support to do research and analysis. If you are good with numbers and spreadsheets and are interested in learning about campaign finance, this is the role for you. 
  • Web support: If you are interested in contributing but not sure where to start, cut your teeth at Watchdog by managing content on the website or administrating membership and discussion in the Irvine residents-only Facebook Group. It’s a great way to get familiar with the community and hot topics as you decide how you want to make your mark.

What we offer volunteers

  • Mentorship: Our senior contributors have experience monitoring and documenting political goings-on in Irvine and are on-hand to help you plan and edit your articles, connect you with sources, develop your research strategies, and more. 
  • A platform: Bring attention to the things you care about on a reputable platform that attracts thousands of readers a month, among them elected officials, commissioners, and other city figures. 
  • A chance to bring about change for the better: The people of Irvine deserve elected officials and commissioners who are accountable to the electorate and make decisions in the public’s best interest. When you join the team, you play a key role in reminding our Irvine officials that the public is watching and help push local government towards lasting transparency, accountability, and honesty. 


Complete our sign-up form here and someone from the team will be in touch shortly.

Not interested, but know someone who might be? We appreciate referrals. Please send them this post and encourage them to check us out!