2020 City Council Candidates: Candidate Statements

Here are our official City Council candidates for November 2020 along with their candidate statements below. For the list of candidates for Mayor and their candidate statements click here.

Name Ballot Designation
Agran, Larry Public Interest Attorney
Bratton, Laura Family Manager
Carroll, Mike *Appointed Vice Mayor, City of Irvine
Dillard, Christina Mother/Paralegal Student
Garg, Anshul Entrepreneur/Businessman
Green, Dylan Graduate Student Researcher
Jiang, Diana Businesswoman/Technology Professional
Johnson-Norris, Lauren Irvine Commissioner/Businesswoman
Kim, Tammy Irvine Commissioner/Educator
Liang, Hai Yang Census Field Manager
Newgent, Mark Retired Army Captain
O’Malley, Carrie California District Director
Park, John Irvine Commissioner/Businessman
Pole, Abigail University Undergraduate Researcher

*Mike Carroll’s original ballot designation does not indicate “Appointed” as it should. Carroll was appointed to the Irvine City Council on May 14, 2019. The screenshot of his candidate statement below should also state “Appointed” Vice Mayor.