Calling For Public Participation In Irvine’s Decision Making Process

Irvine’s elections are supposed to be non-partisan. Our city councilmembers are elected to represent the best interests of Irvine residents but do they? Our city council candidates vow to represent the interests of Irvine voters if elected but will they?

The way for residents to influence the decision making process is by means of public participation in City Council and Commission meetings.

  • City Council meetings are televised and recorded.
  • Commission meetings are recorded.
  • E-comments are distributed automatically in real-time to city councilmembers, published, and made available to the public.

Entities that do business with the city communicate extensively with city staff, attend every Commission and City Council meeting, and they communicate their interests. Members of the public can do the same!

Irvine residents who are thinking of becoming a candidate for Irvine elective offices should be attending City Council and Commission meetings and making their voices heard during public comment on city issues so that Irvine voters would come to know them and their views on local issues. Irvine voters are yearning to know more about their candidates than that which is printed on campaign literature, yard signs, and candidate websites.

We see local political party organizations working tirelessly to register voters. But perhaps they should also ask their membership, including future City Council Candidates, to attend City Council and Commission meetings and speak up on city issues.

The interests and concerns of Irvine residents are non-partisan. They are shared by all residents regardless of their party registration. Please come join us at Commission and City Council meetings, meetings with city staff members, meetings with representatives of developers, and other entities that do business with the city. The more of us that participate in Irvine’s decision making process the more we can ascertain which representatives and future candidates best represent our interests.

Join us!