• April 20, 2021

Election 2020

Campaign Contributions – Results from First Filing

We are less than ten months away from the city’s local election on November 3, 2020, where we will be voting for mayor and two city council seats. The seats up for election are currently held by appointed Mayor Christina Shea, appointed Councilmember Mike Carroll, and Councilmember Melissa Fox, who is running for State Assembly […]

Calling For Public Participation In Irvine’s Decision Making Process

Irvine’s elections are supposed to be non-partisan. Our city councilmembers are elected to represent the best interests of Irvine residents but do they? Our city council candidates vow to represent the interests of Irvine voters if elected but will they? The way for residents to influence the decision making process is by means of public […]

Op-Ed: Why Irvine Candidates Should Pledge Not to Accept Developer Campaign Contributions

Candidates are already raising money to run for Irvine Mayor and two City Council seats. The election is November 3, 2020. A list of declared candidates and statements disclosing campaign contributions can be found here. Will candidates for Irvine elective office pledge not to accept campaign contributions from developers and their proxies in the run-up […]

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