Editorial: Please Vote! Return your ballot today

The final day to cast your election ballot is November 8, 2022. No matter who you support, we encourage everyone to vote. We have seen too many races won and lost by a small number of votes. Every vote is important.

In California, registered voters have already received a vote-by-mail ballot. Please take 15 minutes and fill it out and mail it in postage free. It is that quick and easy. Remember to vote in every race. Too many voters vote for the top races and leave local races empty. Don’t be that person. The winners of the local races will have the most direct impact on you and your quality of life. Please vote and vote from top to bottom.

Irvine Watchdog is a nonpartisan and non-profit publication. We do not endorse candidates, but of course, we favor candidates aligned with our mission of increased community involvement in local decisions and who advocate for greater transparency, honesty, and accountability.

We will not tell you who to vote for. Instead, we encourage you to do your own research and make up your own mind about Irvine candidates. Watch our candidate forum, and read our Mayoral and City Council candidate interviews. Read our Dark Money series to find out who is funding or opposing which candidates. Read the candidate statements. For incumbents, compare previous campaign promises with their voting record.

The City of Irvine is a great city. Our love for Irvine is what motivates us to defend it against corruption, incompetence, backroom deals, and special influence. No political party should game the system, and no special interest should buy a seat.

This election will be over soon. But, no matter who wins, Irvine Watchdog will continue to speak truth to power and hold all local officials accountable without fear or favor.

Please vote! Return your ballot today.