How do I get an email every time you post a new blog article?

To receive email notifications every time we post a new blog article you’ll need to register your email. To do so click on this link here.

Who is funding you?

No one! We are a group of volunteers.

How do I download reports for the Planning Commission Meetings?

Follow the instructions here

Can I submit an article for an op-ed?

Yes! Your article submission must follow these guidelines.

Why didn’t Watchdog publish my op-ed?

We try to publish every op-ed we receive. However, if your op-ed meets our guidelines and still wasn’t published it may be a duplicate of previously published articles. We will provide feedback.

Why doesn’t Watchdog investigate X?

Watchdog is grassroots and comprised entirely of volunteers. We have our own job, families and responsibilities. As a result, we have limited time and can’t always investigate every matter that comes before us. I would encourage you to gather information and write an op-ed or post your comments. Just follow our guidelines, submit your article and we’ll put it through our process.  We want to hear from everyone and share information for the good of the community.

How do I download videos from ICTV?

Read our how-to here.