Irvine Faces Personnel Issue

Irvine Watchdog’s post “City Council Agenda Item 1.3 Public Employee Discipline Dismissal Release” has residents wondering to which “public employee” this refers. Please read the letter below and click HERE if you wish to include your name in support.


Dear Irvine Councilmembers,

On the January 14, 2020 City Council agenda, item 1.3 “PUBLIC EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINE/ DISMISSAL/ RELEASE – Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957” has residents asking to which “public employee” this item refers.

City personnel matters are subjects for closed session. Therefore, we must solely rely on our City Council on this decision. As good stewards of our city and our residents, we encourage and implore our City Councilmembers (Mayor Shea, Councilmembers Carroll, Fox, Khan, Kuo) to uphold the integrity and fiduciary duty to our city and do what is in the best interest of Irvine.

Councilmembers, we are behind you and support you.

Sincerely Irvine Residents,
Jeanne Baran
Scott Hansen
Judith Gass
Branda Lin
Susan Sayre