Former Transportation Commission Chair Carrie O’Malley on Veterans Cemetery Site Selection

On Tuesday July 9, the City Council will consider a request to direct the Finance Commission to opine on a preferred site for a veterans cemetery. Mayor Christina Shea’s memo states “the Planning Commission and the Transportation Commission have reviewed the matter and expressed a clear preference; however, the Council/Board has yet to receive a clear statement of site preference from the Finance Commission.” However, this is not true.

4.4 Agenda Item 7_9_19 (1)


Former Chair of the Transportation Commission Carrie O’Malley reached out to Irvine Watchdog and provided her commissioner comments from January 15, 2019 which states the following:

“The item that was brought to us on November 20th was agendized with the request and recommended action to, “Receive input from the Transportation Commission for the State Veterans Cemetery Traffic Evaluation that analyzes potential impacts for a 125-acre cemetery located in Planning Area 51 at either the ARDA site or within a portion of the golf course site. In essence, our Commission was asked to provide “input” regarding the transportation issues related to the cemetery at either site. We were never asked to “select a site.”

“Had the item been agendized as a “site selection” item, we need to be given the tools and information in order to equip us as transportation commissioners to be able to vet the information and provide a recommendation. This was not done.”

Here is the entire commissioner comment made by Ms. O’Malley:

Transportation Commission Talking Points January 15, 2019 Final