General Plan Update Postponed – Again

We just have to wait. City leadership has scrapped the General Plan Update scheduled for August 28th, and this is not the first time it has been delayed. Residents will have to wait for the city presentation on where we stand with the process and framework for updating this core document for Irvine.

The General Plan guides city decisions in future development, enhancement, and conservation as we move towards build-out. The General Plan Update report has already been before the various Commissions – planning, finance, transportation, etc. Each Commission has contributed input on areas of interest that they see relevant to the general plan update. Remember just 2 months ago, Irvine Watchdog reported just how important this comprehensive policy and planning document is and how it has served us very well in the past.


Irvine’s General Plan Update Depends on YOU

Irvine’s General Plan update is 20 years behind schedule. This should come at no surprise given that there are no apparent consequences of approving development projects that are inconsistent with the General Plan Provisions.

So, this delay could indicate the city leaders are finally paying close attention when it comes to the City’s master blueprint and the power it has to shape our great city’s future. We are optimistic that is the case.  

Last Thursday, discussion on the General Plan took center stage in a standing room only Planning Commission meeting. Residents from two villages – Woodbridge and Rancho San Joaquin – were there to speak about possible general plan amendments that could redesign their current village concept and thereby bump up against the General Plan’s guiding principles. The large crowd was using this document as a basis for discussion, and positive, healthy dialogue and information was shared by all. The watchdog tail is wagging, seeing so many residents actively engaged in the future direction of our city!

Jeanne Baran is an Irvine resident who lives in the Irvine Business Complex.