Irvine Community Land Trust Removes Vice-Chair Michael Stockstill

Irvine community land trust

At the September 20, 2021, meeting of the Irvine Community Land Trust (ICLT), the Board voted to oust its Vice-president / Vice-Chair, Michael Stockstill.

Mike Stockstill was first elected to the Board on June 17, 2019, and served on the Communications and Legislative subcommittee’s. Stockstill was then elected Vice-President / Vice-Chair on March 16, 2020, where he served until his recent ouster on September 20, 2021.

Stockstill was an active and engaged member of the Board, often did deep dives on financials and investments, questioned the process, probed for more information on projects status, organizational funding, and sought new opportunities for quality affordable housing projects.


On March 15, 2021, the Board considered the election of a new chair after the resignation of former chair Melissa Fox. Stockstill, who had been acting chair since November, was nominated and considered the most likely to be elected. However, Director Patrick Strader instead proposed newly appointed Board Member Anthony Kuo. Farrah Khan quickly seconded the motion, and Kuo was elected chair.

At the meeting of July 19, 2021, Stockstill suggested the Board begin to follow Robert’s Rules of Order during its meeting. This method of conducting meetings is considered standard for most organizations and nonprofits. Director Strader objected and said, “…we have operated all these years informally, and I see no reason to change it now.” The motion was referred to a committee.

At the September 20, 2021 meeting, Stockstill referenced comments made by then FivePoint CEO Emile Haddad to the Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ), where Haddad said, …another 5,000 homes or so could be built on his Irvine-based company’s land at the former El Toro marine base if the city OKs a deal. He went on to say that “…his firm and Irvine Co. have had ‘a lot’ of discussions with the city over how to move forward on seeking new entitlements.”

Stockstill stated that the article had been circulated to board members. He suggested that if FivePoint were to get additional entitlements, they should be asked to provide additional affordable housing units. FivePoint Lobbyist and Board Member Patrick Strader said the article on additional entitlements had also been posted by “our friends at the Irvine Watchdog.” As far as he knew, no agreement with the city had been made entitlements. The approved minutes of this meeting state, The Board took no action on this item.”

Board Election

Board Members of the ICLT are elected to two-year terms, and the first term for Stockstill and Treasurer Ryan Aeh was to expire on September 30, 2021. However, in preparation for the September meeting, ICLT staff asked Stockstill and Aeh if they could continue serving on the Board. Both indicated they wanted to serve a second term.

Agenda item #7 at the September 20, 2021meeting was the “Election of Two New Directors.” It was expected that Stockstill and Aeh would be reelected.

Vice-Chair Stockstill Moved and Chair Kuo Seconded to appoint Board Member Ryan Aeh to another two-year term, and the motion passed unanimously.

Board Member Aeh then Moved, and it was seconded by Vice Chair Stockstill to appoint Board Member Stockstill to another two-year term. That is when Board Member Strader offered a substitute motion to appoint a Resident Director, Mr. Russell Felbob, to a two-year term on the Board, and Board Member Khan seconded the substitute motion. The Board voted to support the substitute motion with Aeh and Stockstill voting no.

New Resident Board Member

The newest member of the Board is the Community Manager of ICLT’s Salerno Apartments, Russell Felbob. Director Russell lives at Salerno and oversees the day-to-day operations of the community. He brings more than ten years of experience working with affordable housing communities in Southern California.

ICLT Information and Meeting Participation

Meetings of the Irvine Community Land Trust are open to the public. The meetings are currently held via Zoom on the 3rd Monday of every month at 4:00. The ICLT website provides information on affordable housing projects, ICLT activities, and meeting agendas.