Is the Irvine Community Land Trust Becoming a Black Box to the Public?

 Black box systemAfter a long time of including the option to attend the Irvine Community Land Trust (ICLT) meetings by Zoom, ICLT discounted the Zoom option. My impression currently is that this was not the result of an ICLT board vote. Instead, Executive Director Billy Hughes enacted this new attendance policy. Also, I have heard that when asked about this, Hughes replied that ICLT had no legal obligation to allow public attendance. However, this begs the question: Why not allow public attendance, and in the most convenient way possible?

An Action Item

The next ICLT meeting should be at 4 pm on Monday, March 18. I urge the following: Attend in person, if possible, and demand that Zoom be reinstated. If you can’t attend in person, send an email. Better yet, send an email and go in person, if possible.

Some Background

I sent an email via ICLT’s contact form on February 21 asking for ICLT  Zoom link information. Executive Director Hughes reply was: “The ICLT Board meetings are held in person only.” On February 27, I replied to Hughes statement and asked the reason for the policy change. To date, I have not received a reply from Hughes. What has happened instead is that the small amount of information showing when ICLT meetings would occur was removed from the ICLT site. Is Executive Director Hughes attempting to turn ICLT into a black box that the public has no access to? If so, how can the City of Irvine justify funneling more money to ICLT and count on ICLT as a reliable partner in developing more housing in Irvine?

The Ask Revisited

So again, I urge you to demand in any way that you can that ICLT reinstate the Zoom option.