Earth Day and Beyond: Free Online Events–Electric Vehicles, Rooftop Solar, Composting, Plastics Pollution and Solutions, Sprinkler Spruce Up


In honor of Earth Day 2021, the City of Irvine is providing free online events. Following is the information for these events.

Note: More information on these events and other environmental programs in Irvine, such as Recycle From Home™ and the Green Business Assistance Program, can be found in the Spring 2021 Irvine Environmental Programs Newsletter.

Drive Electric Earth Day Webinar, April 20

WHAT: The City of Irvine will host a Drive Electric Earth Day webinar, that will provide an overview of electric vehicles (EVs). The overview will include topics such as the benefits of ownership, charging options, and available incentives.

Participants will hear from two local EV owners who will explain the reasons that they decided to go electric as well as recount their experience with EVs. In addition, participants will hear from City staff and a representative from Southern California Edison.

Questions from the public will be welcomed during a 20-minute question-and-answer session. Also, participants will be automatically entered to win several Earth Day-themed raffle prizes. These prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the webinar.

When: April 20, noon to 1 pm

How: Zoom link-

Rooftop Solar: Everything You Need To Know Before Going Solar, April 21

WHAT: In collaboration with the City of Irvine, OC Goes Solar will provide an online solar workshop. This workshop will simplify the process of going solar as well as provide information on securing neighborhood discounts from vetted local contractors. Questions from the public will  be welcomed during this webinar. Note: OC Goes Solar is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Irvine.

When: April 21, noon to1 pm

How:  Register for Webinar

Virtual Compost Webinar, April 23

WHAT: The City of Irvine will provide tips on  recycling your food and yard waste into compost. This compose will help you reduce waste and grow healthy gardens. In addition, with composting, you will provide numerous benefits to our environment. Questions from the public will be welcomed during this webinar.

When: April 23, noon to 1 pm

How: Zoom link-

Click here for additional information regarding the Virtual Compost Webinar.


California Plastics Crisis Conference Series:
Impacts and Solutions. Home and Beyond, April 29 -May 27

WHAT: The Newkirk Center for Science & Society and the University of California, Irvine (UCI) will host a free four-part conference series on plastics pollution. This conference series will identify the scope of the problem, explore the alternatives to plastic use , and discuss policy solutions. This conference is intended as a community discussion.

When:Viewing of The Story of Plastic: April 29, 7 pm
Speaker Panels and Q&A: May 6, 13, 20, and 27, noon – 1 pm

How: Register at
For more information and the agenda:
Also, visit the Coastal Quest website.

Irvine Ranch Water District Events, April 21-May 12

IRWD Community Meeting on Syphon Reservoir Improvement Project
April 21, 6 pm: A virtual public meeting that will highlight this project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Questions from the public are welcomed during this webinar.

Michelson Water Recycling Plant Virtual Tour
April 28, noon: This tour will take you through the recycled water process from beginning to end. In addition, the safety of  recycled water will be discussed. Attendees will have an opportunity to win a water efficiency kit.

Sprinkler Spruce-Up Workshop
May 12, noon: An online workshop on learning how to save money and water by repairing and maintaining your irrigation system. You will also learn how to update sprinklers to drip irrigation.