ACLU to IUSD: Maintaining and Enforcing Board Policy 9323 Rules of Conduct Violates First Amendment


On May 24, 2022, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) emailed the following letter to the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) Board of Education in response to actions by Board President Ira Glasky to Irvine resident Debra Kamm at the May 3, 2022, IUSD Board Meeting. To hear Kamm’s public comment and Glasky’s response click here.

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You can read the entire May 24, 2022, ACLU 5-page letter here:

The letter concludes,

“The Rules of Conduct, especially considered together with Mr. Glasky’s threat to ban Mrs. Kamm from addressing the Board in the future, suggest an unacceptable pattern of silencing dissent and criticism. Further, the Board’s decision to block Mrs. Kamm in response to her raising concerns about matters of public interest indicates that the Board is more concerned with avoiding unpleasant or embarrassing criticism than it is with hearing and taking seriously the public’s concerns. The Rules are plainly unlawful for the reasons discussed above, and the Board must rescind them. To protect transparency and public access to the IUSD Board, it should also unblock Mrs. Kamm’s communications. We hope that we can resolve disputes without need for further legal action. However, should the Board refuse to repeal or substantially alter its policy to bring it into compliance with the First Amendment and reinstate Mrs. Kamm’s ability to e-mail the Board, we will consider all appropriate action including seeking immediate relief from the

2022.05.24 ACLU ltr to IUSD (final)