6/18/2018 Irvine Finance Commission Meeting – General Plan Update Notes

City Hall

General Plan Update Notes from the 6-18-2018 Irvine Finance Commission Meeting 

At the 6-18-2018 Irvine Finance Commission meeting, the Irvine Planning Department identified ten areas of interest that are relevant to the Irvine General Plan Update.*  In his presentation to the Finance Commission, Senior Planner Jacobs highlighted three of these as most relevant to the financial management of the City of Irvine. These three are Land Use, Design and Preservation; Economic Development; Public Services and Infrastructure.
The top priorities of each of these were as follows:
Land Use, Design and Preservation
  • Encourage implementation of land use that balances and preserves surrounding neighborhoods (e.g., shops and services close to home)
  • Consider the density and intensity of development
Economic Development
  • Retain and support existing businesses
  • Attract and develop new businesses
  • Support small businesses and entrepreneur
Public Services and Infrastructure
Ensure the health and viability of each of the following in Irvine:
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Neighborhood Infrastructure
  • Libraries
  • Wireless Facilities
  • Drug Prevention
  • Fire Prevention
  • Drowning Prevention
  • Drunk and Distracted Driving  Awareness
Finance Commissioners’ comments
Commissioner Dressler statements: The way that land is used can affect the finances of the City. For example, the level of property taxes brought into the City each year would affect the financial health of the City.  Land use approved so far has had a net positive effect. Land use for affordable housing and shelters could  reduce the amount of property taxes coming into the City.
Sports and wellness activities at the Great Park as well as from other locations (examples:UCI, Concordia) provide income to the City. An example is hotel taxes collected from those traveling to Irvine to attend the sports/wellness events.
Additional Commissioner statements: Changes to the fundamentals in the way that the economy works are affecting the City’s tax base and, therefore, affecting the amount of money that will be available to the City. Two examples are the closing of retail stores such as Macy’s and the growing popularity of new business such as AirBnB. With this in mind, It was asked that maintaining a strong tax base is included as part of the updated General Plan. Senior planner Jacobs stated that this is not currently being done but could be.

*The ten areas of interest that were identified as relevant to the General Plan Update are as follows: 1. Land Use, Design and Preservation 2. Transportation and Mobility 3. Housing 4. Parks, Recreation, and Human Services 5. Culture and Heritage 6. Open Space and Conservation 7. Economic Development 8. Public Services and Infrastructure 9. Community Safety 10. Neighborhood Services