6/7/18 Planning Commission Agenda Item Notes

Agenda Item relating to Irvine’s General Plan Update

The Goal and Mission of Irvine’s General Plan is to establish goals, priorities, policies and procedures for Irvine Development. Last General Plan was created in 1999.  The General Plan is supposed to be updated every 10 years, and Irvine is almost 20 years behind in updating the General Plan.

The purpose of updating the General Plan is to make sure that the General Plan goals, policies and procedures evolve and changes as the city of Irvine changes, evolves and grows.

General Plan update based on survey that was based on public outreach in the form of face to face population surveys, telephone surveys, and online surveys. The surveyed population consisted of : 2,000 people (less than 1% of Irvine’s population); 90 %  Irvine residents and 10% people working in Irvine or having other connections to Irvine; 78% homeowners and thus 22% not being homeowners. Commissioners voiced concern that the surveyed population is not representative of the demographics of the Irvine population.

Commissioners voiced concern about survey methodology and concern that the questions in the survey were too general and not specific enough and thus were subject to different interpretations.

Several of the Commissioners stated that they believed that the survey results needed validation before Irvine proceeds to establishing development policies.

Survey results indicated that the top concerns of Irvine residents are:

  1. Quality of life
  2. Environment,
  3. Neighborhood preservation and enhancement, land use design and preservation, good balance of land use in village neighborhoods. (note: It was reported that Irvine is almost built out thus focus should be on neighborhood preservation and doing no harm to what we have)
  4. Transportation and mobility; increase and improve transportation alternatives without negatively impacting automobile traffic flow.
  5. Economy
  6. Neighborhood services and programs

Commissioners agreed that the General Plan amendments were to be submitted to City Council with comments from commissioners.

(Susan questions: validity of survey. What is the consequence if development projects are not in compliance with the General Plan Guiding Principles or not in line with the interests and concerns of Irvine residents?)

Agenda Item relating to Conditional Use Permit for a 7 Eleven with liquor license and a gas station located in a commercial center located on Main and McArthur.

The business center is a busy one and it has inadequate parking for current uses.  The project would eliminate a substantial number of parking places. The 24 hr traffic studies reported that there are currently 100 trips in the AM and 100 trips in the PM which, on the average is under 2 trips per hour.  Commissioners raised concern that peak hour traffic is greater than traffic at off peak hours and thus the traffic study may not be representative of traffic during peak hours. It was reported that special cameras would be installed that can be used to adjust traffic flow if needed.

The conditional use permit was passed 4 to 1.

(Susan questions: The validity of the traffic study.  Susan asks how does this development project comply with the proposed General Plan Guiding Principle of neighborhood preservation and enhancement, and how improves traffic flow and management?)

Agenda Item to allow building of 152 2 story, 4 bedroom single family residences and amend community master plan to allow residential “set backs” (distance of residence from lot line) to be reduced in order to fit more homes into the development.

There was little discussion and all commissioners voted to approve the additional residences and the setback amendments.

(Susan questions: How does this project comply with the proposed General Plan provision of neighborhood preservation and enhancement?)