8/27/18–Irvine Green Ribbon Committee Meeting Notes–Part II, Committee Reorganization and Work Plan

Green Ribbon Committee Work Plan and Reorganization

The Irvine Green Ribbon Committee discussed three topics at the 8-27-2018 Green Ribbon Committee meeting. These three topics were Urban Forestry in Irvine, the Green Ribbon Committee work plan and reorganization, and selection of professional service companies to provide an updated Irvine strategic energy plan and a Community Choice Energy (CCE) feasibility study. I wrote about the first one (Urban Forestry in Irvine) in a previous post. Today, I will write about the second one: the Green Ribbon Committee discussion regarding the Committee’s reorganization and review of its work plan.

The Green Ribbon Committee Work Plan

The Irvine Green Ribbon Committee work plan includes the following:

  • Energy Plan
  • Sustainability Plan Update
  • Active Transportation and Walkability
  • Water Conservation and Management
  • Urban Forestry and Green Cover
  • Grants and Pilot Programs
  • Economic Development and Business Friendly Initiatives

To assist with the above work plan items, the following Green Ribbon Committee subcommittees have been formed: Active Transportation, Energy Development and CCE, Green Infrastructure, and the newly formed Trees/Shade as part of Irvine’s Urban Forest.

Green Ribbon Committee Reorganization

The Green Ribbon Committee will review and update the committee and subcommittee policies. The subcommittees meetings will be opened to the public, and therefore public notice will be given for Green Ribbon Committee subcommittee meetings. In addition, the newly formed trees/shade subcommittee will look into modifying the Irvine municipal code regarding trees and the need for shade in Irvine. This subcommittee will also look at the ways that trees promote sustainability.

As part of the reorganization, Melissa Fox was reelected as chairperson, and Bemmy Maharramli was elected as Vice Chair.

Environmental Programs Update

Sona Coffee, Irvine’s Environmental Programs Administer, stated that environmental reports are available on wildfires, solid waste, and a strategic plan for Active Transportation.

Coffee also stated the Rancho Senior Fitness Expo would be held on August 31. In addition, the Irvine Global Village Festival will be held September 22. A zero waste goal exists for the Global Village event. Last year 80% of the festival waste was recycled. Environmental Programs will have a booth at Irvine’s Global Village event.

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