Something Old, Something New, and Something Different for the 2022 Great Park Board Elections

Mayor Khan and Councilmember Carroll: 2022 Great Park Chair and Vice Chair, respectively

The Great Park Board consists of five directors. These directors are also the five Irvine City Councilmembers. However, this was not always the case.

At one time the Great Park Board consisted of nine directors: four independent members as well as the five Irvine City Councilmembers:

In January 2013 the minority on the council became the majority and dismissed the 4 independent directors. Their goal was to change the way the park was being developed, shifting more responsibility to the private sector.”Smart Cities Dive, May 2014

Something Old and Something New: The 2022 Great Park Election Results

At the January 25, 2022 Great Park Board meeting, the Great Park Board directors conducted their yearly elections for the Great Park Board Chair as well as the Great Park Vice Chair.

Something Old – The Great Park Board re-elected Farrah Khan as Great Park Chair.

Something New – The Great Park Board elected Mike Carroll to replace Anthony Kuo as Vice Chair of the Great Park Board.

Note: No City elections occurred last year. This meant that the Great Park Board in 2021 consisted of the same five board directors/city council members that the Great Park Board has today. The Great Park Board elected Farrah Khan as 2021Chair and Anthony Kuo as 2021 Vice Chair:

Director Kim nominated Chairwoman Khan and Vice Chairman Kuo to continue serving as Chairwoman and Vice Chairman for the ensuing year [which was 2021]. There were no other nominations…

ACTION: Moved by Director Carroll, seconded by Vice Chairman Kuo, and unanimously carried to re-elect Director Farrah Khan as Chairwoman, and Director Kuo as Vice Chairman, of the Orange County Great Park Board for the ensuing year.” 

Source: January 2021 Great Park Board Meeting Minutes

Mayor Khan and Councilmember Kuo: 2021 Great Park Chair and Vice Chair, respectively

Something Different: The Great Park Nomination Process

Until last year, the yearly nomination process involved a board member nominating one of the Great Park Directors for the Great Park Chair position. Then a vote immediately followed allowing the board members to either affirm or reject the nomination. Separately, the Great Park Board followed the same procedure for the Vice Chair position. However, last year, Chair Khan instructed that an additional option be allowed. This option was to allow a slate nomination for the Chair and Vice Chair positions.

From the 2021 Great Park meeting minutes:

Marianna Marysheva, Interim Executive Director, noted that at the request of Chairwoman Khan, two options were available for the election of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, which included individual nominations or a combination of both….”

As was done last year, the Great Park Directors used only the slate-nomination option for the 2022 nominations. At the January 25, 2022 Great Park Board meeting, Director Kuo made a slate nomination. Kuo’s nomination was for Khan as Chair and Carroll as Vice Chair. Director Kim then seconded Kuo’s slate nomination.

The Great Park directors made no other nominations. With a 5-0 vote, the Great Park Board affirmed Kuo’s slate nomination of Khan as 2022 Chair and Carroll as 2022 Vice Chair.

Note: The 2022 Great Park Chair and Vice Chair election proceedings can be viewed by watching the January 25, 2022 Great Park meeting video, starting at 2:03:30 and ending at 2:06:45.