Irvine Budgeting Millions To Launch OC Power Authority In Spring 2022

The OC Power Authority will be looking to formalize terms for new cities that may want to join the Power Authority and will review the 2021-22 Fiscal Year budget at tomorrow’s meeting. To attend the May 11, 2021 meeting at 10AM, click on the agenda for Zoom link and details. 

The Power Authority is looking to formalize terms for new cities to join. Until now, cities were not asked to contribute monetarily to join which served as an incentive for cities to join early while giving members the opportunity to help guide the formation of the organization. The first two recommended general guidelines state:

  1. A member that joins in 2021 would be invited to join at no cost. Members that join in subsequent years would be charged a to-be-determined fee designed to offset a portion of the Authority’s out of pocket costs for onboarding each new member not to exceed $100,000.
  2. A member that joins would get one seat on the Board. Upon approval by the Authority Board of Directors, the new member would serve in an ex-officio status until the calendar year in which the Authority launches services in its community. An ex-officio member serves as an advisory, non-voting member of the Board and/or committees of the Authority. Ex-officio members serve at the pleasure of the Board. An ex-officio member is not considered a “contracting party” as that term is used in California Government Code § 6502. At the start of the calendar year of launch the member’s ex-officio status cease and the member will have full rights as an Additional Party, as that term is defined in the Joint Powers Agreement.


The proposed FY 2021-22 budget will be reviewed. OCPA is currently in a startup phase and are preparing for the Phase 1 customer launch anticipated for Spring 2022. Staff intends to bring this item to the OC Power Authority Board for final approval in the June 2021 Board meeting. All initial costs will be paid for by the City of Irvine. For the complete report see starting page 15 of the agenda packet.


As noted in a previous Irvine Watchdog article, as of February 2021, meeting videos were no longer provided to the public. We ask that the OCPA provide links to the meeting videos once again so those who are unable to attend the 10AM meetings can watch at a later time. To submit a public comment email: [email protected]