Actions Speak Louder: Taking Issue with Councilwoman Fox’s Statement (Part 1)

On June 12th, Irvine residents received a statement from councilwoman Melissa Fox discussing the last election and proclaiming her views. While her statement is articulate, I believe it is misleading. To understand why, consider the following key sentences from what she said compared with what she did the past few years.

“The clear message sent by voters with the defeat of measures B and D is that developers must not be allowed to continue runaway development without regard to our traffic, schools and quality of life, and that Irvine residents must have a say in all future development decisions. I agree.”

From September of 2017 to April of 2018, a movement emerged known as Irvine for Responsible Growth (IRG). The movement involved a petition circulated to provide residents a voice in the development process. Notice in Irvine how construction projects are occurring in so many places. How? The city councils approve construction projects regardless of the amount of infrastructure and the effect on traffic and school overcrowding. Given that, the petition’s purpose was to place a measure on the November ballot – if approved, major development projects would require not only City Council approval but also Irvine residents’. Councilwoman Fox opposed it as quoted in the OC Register stating it would stifle affordable housing and childcare facilities. But the petition exempted affordable housing and childcare facilities (under the petition’s school exemption).


This is part 1 of my response. I will be releasing the other parts over the next few days. Part 2 will be released tomorrow.