At-Large Citizens on Great Park Board?

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The Orange County Great Park Board will meet on April 23. On the agenda is the election of a new chairperson due to Mayor Wagner’s resignation.  I would like to suggest that for a public project of this magnitude, the Board consider reinstating the at-large citizen seats or establishes an advisory group to offer assistance, but not have voting powers.

The GP Board consists of only the five Irvine city council members. In 2013, the City Council eliminated all four community positions from the Board – but this decision wasn’t unanimous – and today residents may look favorably on expanding the scope of the Board and/or establishing a formal advisory group.

The planning for the Great Park is a one of a kind endeavor. Including accomplished experts and residents to also champion the Great Park development will deliver a better plan while creating a mechanism for meaningful participation. After all, the city council isn’t building the park for us – they are building it with us!

There are many decisions that remain for this extraordinary public space.  Two pivot points are:

  1. The fate of the golf course feature (180 acres); and
  2. The planning for the Cultural Terrace (200 acres)

The Great Park land is mostly flat and featureless. Why not re-visit the original design that included the stream that exists in the park and adding a pond or small lake. This type of gathering space can be enjoyed by all.  Visitors should have more than one experience at the Great Park.  Please attend the GP Board Meeting next Tuesday at 3pm and share your ideas.  I will be asking for the Board to consider moving the meetings back to the evenings so that more people can attend.