Christina Shea Tips the Council’s Hand

In a stunning revelation on NextDoor, Councilwoman Christina Shea reveals that the City has actually preserved the zoning on the Strawberry Fields site and duplicated it on the ARDA site!  This begs the question – “Does Irvine City Council have any intention of building a cemetery?” or are they simply going to give BOTH plots of land to 5 Point??!!!  The vitriol from the Yes on B folks centers solely around the retort and accusation that anyone who supports No on B  must be an Agranista.  They simply can’t grasp the possibility that Irvine citizens and voters have their own minds and can come to their own conclusions.  Any questions are left unanswered and names are called.  So this is how it could go down.  The citizens exercise their constitutional right to referendum and the zoning is overturned. No on B prevails.  Fox, Shea and Wagner proclaim that the cemetery is now dead and point all appendages at Larry since he is their nemesis.  Lalloway and Schott proceed to put wheels in motion to pick up where we left off when the ARDA site was the cemetery – CalVet is done, and remediation can begin.  But wait, this can’t be! So the three proceed to vote against all of the bits that could actually put the cemetery back at the great park and all comes to a screeching halt.  But does it?  Reference the above screenshot……both plots of land apparently have this 812,000 sq feet of zoning.  Now all 5 Point has to do is come back (home) to Council Chambers and get the entitlements granted on some traffic studies that were done within the last 10 years (sarcasm exudes).  And voila!  Irvine has TWO huge developments and more crippling traffic! Fox, Shea and Wagner have repaid their campaign debts and 5 Point can also secure the wildlife corridor while preserving their declining profits. (ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (AP) _ Five Point Holdings LLC (FPH) on Tuesday reported a loss of $5.2 million in its first quarter.) Given that measure D requires a fiscal benefit to city projects, the appetite to move forward with a cemetery that has no direct fiscal benefit, is going to be a distant dream.

With this latest revelation from Councilwoman Shea, you will most definitely want to preserve your right to vote – No on D………………..