NO on D = NO U DON’T 

NO on D = NO U DON’T to developers. Don’t mess with the City Charter. These fliers come from a PAC which doesn’t want Irvine’s citizens to monitor local government integrity – the founding principles that have made Irvine great.  Isn’t that why we all want to live here?  No on D ensures Irvine will operate as intended.

The truth is Irvine’s fiscal integrity is very much intact but our Master Plan has gone amok.  The City Budget is already balanced and already focuses on key community priorities – public safety, education, and infrastructure. The Public Safety budget has also already increased as we add more police officers to service new developments within the city.

In contrast, the Master Plan or “citizens blueprint for development” is outdated and ignored. Local taxpayers are watching and wondering what the vision for Irvine is.

Despite the mailers, No on D does not raise any taxes or delay funding for city services.  Instead, the City Council voted to place Measure D on the ballot to deprive Irvine citizens a voice in governing. A win for the No on D campaign sends a powerful message loud and clear: while elected leaders may come and go Irvine’s citizens are protected because of the City Charter. Thank you, Irvine City Charter. Power to the City Charter!