Op-Ed: Irvine Fails To Join Other OC Cities In Restricting Or Placing A Moratorium On Residential And Commercial Evictions

By Susan Sayre

March 24, 2020 City Council Agenda Item 5.2: Ordinance setting limitations on residential and commercial evictions:

After Mayor Christina Shea and Council Member Farrah Khan placed this item on the City Council Agenda on March 17th, Irvine failed to join other Orange County Cities (Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Santa Ana) to create a City Ordinance which would restrict residential and commercial evictions related to the Corona Virus (Covid 19) pandemic. Voice of OC

Mayor Shea announced that an ordinance was not needed because the Irvine Company had agreed to the requested eviction limitations. With assurances from City Attorney Jeffrey Melching, that the resolution would be sufficient, the City Council voted to issue a resolution to restrict the Corona Virus related evictions.

The City Councilmembers and the City Attorney failed to take into consideration the fact that the Irvine Company is not the sole owner of Irvine’s rental properties. Thus Irvine Company’s assurances will have little impact for residents and businesses renting property from entities other than the Irvine Company.

According to Irvine’s City Attorney, the city does not have the authority to set limits or restrictions on penalties for late or non-payment of mortgage payments.

It is my hope that our City Council will re-think their decision and follow the lead of numerous cities throughout the state and vote to approve an ordinance to restrict resident and commercial evictions. In keeping with being known for being one of the country’s safest resident oriented cities, Irvine could become noted for supporting those that suffer most the financial consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic by providing temporary financial assistance with defaulting mortgages.


*** Updated 3/27 with the City Council Resolution No. 20-29 recommending all Landlords and Residents to abide by the Governor’s March 16, 2020 Executive Order N-28-20.

To read the interactive Resolution below, use the up/down arrows to scroll through all 5 pages.