One View of the Way Forward in Irvine

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This article comes from Irvine resident Farhad Mafie. He is CEO of Savant Company Incorporated.  

I recently attended the 1/17 Planning Commission meeting to listen and speak on the issue of wireless communication equipment on streetlight poles. As I shared with everyone during the meeting, I suggest we use the existing city infrastructure (i.e., traffic lights, streetlights, city light poles, towers, etc.,) to bring the badly needed cellular coverage and other complementary technologies to our city.

I am against adding more poles and towers to our already crowded city infrastructure. Instead, I would like us to consider a gradual integration of new technologies and services into the existing traffic lights, streetlights, city light poles, towers, etc. Please see the following examples of some of the “Smart” technologies that San Diego has integrated into its existing city infrastructure:

1.    San Diego Installs Smart Streetlights to Monitor the Metropolis

2.    San Diego’s Smart Streetlights Yield a Firehose of Data

The following two references provide additional insights on “Smart” technologies, their benefits and more: 

3.    This is an excellent read from Intel on “Smart Street Lights for Brighter Savings and Opportunities”

4.    Finally, AT&T’s smart streetlights can smooth traffic and detect gunshots

I would like our city to use more and more technology (in a smart manner) to improve the quality of life for all Irvine residents.

Thank you for your time and consideration.