The Anonymous Attacks Have Begun

Anybody receive an email with this?


This is dirty campaigning at its best and the race for mayor has just begun!

For years now our city has been inundated with unethical campaigning often funded by dark/developer money through political action committees (PACs).  This is a problem.  I am not for or against Ed Pope, but I am against unethical and unfair campaigning.

Here are the facts:
– Ed Pope was a school teacher in Orange County for 30 years or more. He taught social studies.
– Ed Pope won Teacher of the Year.
– Ed Pope has lived in the same house for over 45 years in Irvine.
– Ed Pope’s wife was also a school teacher/counselor.
– Ed Pope is an army veteran.

Let’s be sure to question what we read. See who the ads are funded by. Check to see if the source is anonymous. Click on the links. Meet the candidates. Do some research, so we don’t fall prey to the filth trying to influence our city. We need to ensure we make the best decision for our city’s future this November.

For some history:

From 2014:

From 2016:

From 2018: