• February 18, 2020

1/7/19 – Finance Commission Meeting Report

Finance Commission kicks off budget season & reorganizes Present: Dale Cheema (Khan), Jim Schute (Shea), Russel Stein (Wagner) Absent: Tanja Fournier (Kuo), Roger Sievers (Fox) Finance Commission Purpose /Power Give advice to the City Council regarding the funding of activities and programs; review actual vs. planned revenue and expenditure levels to help ensure efficiency. This […]

Melissa Fox Town Hall Meeting

Melissa Fox will hold a Town Hall Meeting. When: Saturday, January 26th at 2pm. Where: Woodbury Community Park inside the multipurpose room. Why: The main topic for the meeting will be traffic and traffic safety; however residents may speak to Melissa about any of their concerns. Melissa reports that some of her commissioners will be available to answer […]

Irvine City Council Ethics Being Tested

Ethical Public Service Ordinance Being Tested Council member Shea recently revealed that last year one of her colleagues on the 2018 City Council provided lobbying services to another agency in the County on behalf of AECOM. AECOM is a big City contractor with hundreds of thousands of dollars in City awarded contracts. At minimum, these lobbying […]

Introducing Irvine’s New Commissioners

The recent election of two new Council members, Anthony Kuo and Farrah Khan, bring an additional twenty new members to Irvine City governance. How? Back in August, we covered the fact that each Council member gets to appoint ten commissioners. Here is a list of the newly appointed commissioners. Farrah Khan’s Appointees Planning Commission: Steve […]

A Special Message from Irvine Watchdog

Hello everyone. If you have followed our website for any length of time, you will have noticed articles that are longer and articles that are shorter. You will have seen articles that are about commission meetings and articles about the Irvine Community Land Trust. You may have noticed articles that are a bit on the […]

Congratulations to Branda Lin!

Congratulations to former Irvine Watchdog member Branda Lin. She has been appointed by newly elected Council member Farrah Khan to the Community Services Commission. With her skills, diligence and ethics, we believe she will be a great addition. Her swearing in ceremony will take place on Wednesday, January 16th at 4:30pm. It will occur in […]

The Campaign Tactic You Never Heard of: Selective Deletion (Part 2)

In part 1, I discussed how the tactic of selective deletion on Facebook is used to influence people’s opinions on local politics – turning what look like open forums into echo chambers to convince people of policies and views that may be against these people’s own interests. Unfortunately, this tactic is not only confined to […]

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